How to Reach Dhanbad

Ever dreamt of a getaway that's both unique and enriching? Dhanbad, nestled amidst the verdant hills of Jharkhand, beckons you with its rich heritage, captivating natural beauty, and a touch of the unexpected. But before you pack your bags and start picturing yourself amidst this magic, there's one crucial question, how to reach Dhanbad? This guide will be your compass, navigating you through the various ways to reach this hidden gem.

Flying to Dhanbad: Nearest Airport

While Dhanbad doesn't have its own airport, fret not. Several airports in close proximity can serve as your gateway to this captivating city. The nearest airport is Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport in Asansol-Durgapur, situated roughly 96 km away. From there, you can easily hail a cab or pre-book a taxi to Dhanbad in under two hours. Another option is Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. Although farther at 158 km, Ranchi offers more flight connections from major cities. Once you land, a comfortable bus ride or a cab ride of approximately three and a half hours will get you to Dhanbad.

A aeroplane on the tarmac
A group of friends on a road trip

Hitting the Road: Exploring Dhanbad by Land

For adventurous souls who love a good road trip, reaching Dhanbad by road is an excellent option. The city boasts excellent connectivity through a network of national highways. If you're coming from major cities like Kolkata or Delhi, you can cruise down National Highway 19 (NH19), also known as the Golden Quadrilateral. This highway is a well-maintained artery connecting major parts of India, making your journey smooth and efficient. For those traveling from nearby cities like Bokaro or Jamshedpur, National Highway 218 (NH218) offers a convenient route. This highway cuts through the heart of Jharkhand, allowing you to experience the local landscape and charming towns along the way.

Public or Private: Choosing Your Ride

Once you've decided on the road trip route, it's time to pick your chariot. Government and private buses ply regularly between Dhanbad and other cities, offering a budget-friendly option. For a more personalised experience, consider renting a car or hiring a cab service. This provides the freedom to discover lesser-known treasures and travel at a leisurely pace. However, remember to consider possible traffic and necessary breaks when estimating your travel duration.

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